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our shop take great pride in providing our customers with leading edge products at prices to fit any budget! Pooplunch False Eyelashes Natural Short Faux Mink Lashes 16 Pair Max 76% OFF AMFG Fashion Vintage Rimless Sunglasses Women Men Retro Cutting Beauty Personal Care => Tools Accessories => Makeup Brushes Tools Outlet Low Prices AMFG Fashion Vintage Rimless Sunglasses Women Men Retro Cutting Great Discounts Clearance These lashes are all around stunning. I have never in my life worn lashes and I'm 35 years old. For my birthday this year I decided to do a photo shoot so I can have pictures to look back on someday. Obviously I wanted to look beautiful and for some reason something just said, go try on the pair of ardell lashes that you bought for Halloween a few years ago. So I did and I loved them. When I got on Amazon to check out some lashes I stumbled up on this brand. I cannot stress enough how beautiful they all are. I wear glasses and I cannot wear contacts so obviously I started with the natural lashes and they fit perfectly. They did not bother my glasses, I have four different pair of glasses and they didn't touch any of them and so far the natural or my absolute favorite. This multi-pack of natural and the pack of seven pair are both beautiful and they're all really good for everyday wear. They go on really easily they're nice and light, easy to trim if you need to and for the price, you just can't beat it. As you can see from my photos, I'm a little bit obsessed with poop lunch lashes come on people why are we naming it that LOL you can name it whatever you want just keep making these lashes please. I have so many pair it's hard for me to pick everyday what ones I want to wear. I have worn lashes daily for the last month after discovering this brand. I cannot stress to you how good they are and just beautiful. Don't hesitate or look any further just buy them.I have become obsessed with these lashes! First of all they are fluffy and not shiney or plastic looking. They aren't stuff or uncomfortable. I wear them under my lashes and I can't feel them all day. I yshe worn the same pair for 3 days with just having to add glue to the corners only. My skin in incrediblly oily so a lot of products don't last but these did! My only complaint is they don't come in a larger pack. I have purchased some of the most popular brands on Amazon and these are the best by far. Love them!The media could not be loaded.  The quality on these eyelashes are so so good. They’re super lightweight. They’re great for the money. I will overpower the face. They’re just right. Definitely definitely will be by these lashes again.As soon as I opened my package, I INSTANTLY fell in love! I love the 25mm length. These definitely make your eyes POP!!!! I would buy these a million times if I could. I also loved that there is two different kinds of lashes in one BIG pack!!! These lashes are definitely a 10/10 recommend!! I'm so in love with them! There is not a day that goes by that I don't have them on! You will NOT regret it! I can promise you ladies that! ????THESE ARE A MUST HAVE!!!! ????????I'm new at using false eyelash strips and was looking for some that I could easily apply, weren't too expensive, and weren't over-the-top or crazy looking. These turned out to be a good option!These are the best lashes I’ve tried out of 10 different brands on Amazon for real! You can use any glue, they stay on and don’t shed when you trim them like some other brands do, if you take care of them properly they are reusable and you can’t beat the price compared to other brands. I mean what else is there to say? Buy these lashes!Wow! I LOVE THESE LASHES. They apply beautifully and they look so natural. You get 2 types of lashes, one is fuller than the other. This is great because you can use one for an everyday look or the other one when you want more of a dramatic look. Makeup artists need to have these!Saw great reviews on this product. It is bigger than most but I am ok. I love strip lashes and so far so good. NATURAL LOOKING - The 100% handmade, natural-looking eyelashes designed to mimic the look of lashes you could’ve been born with, great for those who want extra glam but not over-the-top or fake. CAT-EYE STYLES - Instead of being round lashes, they are flare eye or winged out lashes to lift your eyes for a gorgeous cat eye effect! Add the perfect enhancing length(inner to outer/6-14mm) and evenly distributed volume for a naturally, fuller lash. LIGHTWEIGHT amp; COMFORTABLE - Not only do they look natural, but they also feel like you’re wearing nothing! Combined with flexible thin cotton lash band, these fabulous, flawless fake lashes are so easy to apply and comfortable for all-day wear. CRUELTY FREE amp; VEGAN - Faux mink lashes are made of premium synthetic fibers, feel super soft and smooth just like your natural hair. Most importantly, they are cruelty free and vegan, so you don't worry about our furry friends! RISK FREE PURCHASE - Your satisfaction is our highest pursuit! Under any circumstances if you are not happy with the product, we offer you a free replacement or a full refund. Be sure to contact us first if you have any question or suggestion! Product description Style:16 Pairs|Natural Pooplunch lashes are 100% handcrafted to ensure the best quality and unique styles, We are fastidious in every steps to make your false eyelashes and we aim for perfection. 2 styles Cat-eye natural looking lashes, only instead of being a round lash, It is a flare eye or winged out lash to lift your eyes for a gorgeous cat eyed effect! Add the perfect enhancing length and evenly distributed volume for a naturally, fuller lash.